Brewery history

My name is Stephen Dunne, I’m the brewer at the “Croix du Rat” Brewery, I was born and grew up in Dublin Ireland. The name “Croix du Rat” originates from the middle-ages when the monks put up a cross near the town gate to keep the rats out and calm peoples fear. The cross itself disappeared somewhere in history but its come back on the T of RaT on my beer lables.The name Croix du RaT seemed a devilish and unforgetable title so I decided it was perfect for my beer.

I moved my brewery from Mauzens-Miramont a village 20km away to Saint-Cyprien in 2007. The brewery buildings are a part of an old saw-mill that has been rented out to a dozen different businesses so thers a good neighbourhood work athmosphere here, just as well as craft brewing is a busy occupation.


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